YYDC Performance NOWHERE at Chelsea Factory

Dance Enthusiast: "All the dancers under Yue’s wing use their full commitment and heart to transmit electricity from the ground up, delivering her extraordinary brain’s vision in real time."

"Yue turns an immersive 75-minute production at Chelsea Factory into an emotional, gasp-provoking, and twisted journey."

Commission for SF Dance Works

Just Above The Surface - restaged from original commissioned work for Peridance Contemporary Dance Company

Culture Vulture: “Just Above the Surface” is a goosebump-inducing performance that seduces the audience to sway along while hoping that it will never end.

Fjord Review: “Just Above the Surface” from New York-based Yin Yue was also a work of impressive choreographic solidity, and made an invigorating closer with its fiercely rhythmic alterations of partnering and unison work for an ensemble of nine. 

Commission for Gibney Company "Up Close" at New York Live Arts

A Measurable Existence

The New York Times: "Fluid and intricate partnering carries the duo through phases of tenderness and distance. " By Siobhan Burke

Fjord Review: "The piece is a feat of clever partnering and energetic contemporary phrase work that is intricate and challenging." By Cecilia Whalen

Commission for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

In The Moment Somehow Secluded

The Utah Review : "The full performance, with five of the six dance artists being newcomers to the work, was a striking, superb cap to this hugely entertaining concert. Yin sets a cinematic painting in motion, with mesmerizing results."

YYDC performance Ripple at 92Y Harkness MainStage Series

Dance Enthusiast: "Shifting from one distinct quality to another, Yue and her dancers sew contrary threads of energy together with marvelous dexterity. We become lost in pure movement fascination."

Seeing Dance "Over 36 minutes, a series of duets and solos bookended by ensemble sections for the company’s five dancers draw you in as they flow together effortlessly in a totally captivating performance."

Commission for Boston Ballet

Balletheraeld: "The steps are a dreamy combination of contemporary, ballet, and what must be the elusive FoCo Technique™. "

"Glimmering with effective extras, Yue adds unexpected flourishes to simple ballet steps. And not just a random arm here or there, the additions look deliberate and thoughtful."

Boston Globe: "The opening section is done on the Common, mostly in unison; it’s followed by a slower segment in the Public Garden that features luscious duets from Haley Schwan with My’Kal Stromile and Ji Young Chae with Tyson Clark. The exuberant finale finds everyone back on the Common, on walkways, in the bandstand, strutting their stuff."

YYDC performances at BAM Fisher (Fishman Space) 2019

Seeingdance: "Yin Yue is a new choreographer to me, but she left me wanting to see more. Impressive choreography, yes, but impressive dancers too. Full of power and precision, their commitment and stamina is huge. Dance and dancers that captivate, that excite. You can’t ask for more than that."

Dance-enthusiast: "YYDC’s movement looks like it feels yummy on the body, all elastic lunges, cushiony pliés, and gestures that sketch the air like cursive."

YYDC performances at Schrittmacher Festival 2019

De Volkskrant: “With the relaxation of tai-chi, but also the acrobatics, speed and graceful lines of Chinese dance, Yin Yue is a promising new voice in the long tradition of modern dance.”

Commission for Pennsylvania Ballet

A Trace of Inevitability

Ballet Alternatetakes2: "Yue’s ballet idioms fused with grounded modern movement and cultural classicism is vital choreographic ground. It flows with urgency and liberated technical precision."

Fjord Review: "the style is sharp angles intersecting with lush, languorous curves."

Phindie: "A Trace of Inevitability, was an overwhelmingly powerful piece"

Commission for NW Dance Project

Oregon Artswatch: "Yin Yue’s Before Dawn ­– performed by the lean quintet of Metheis, McGill, Nieto, Usov, and Wong ­– slithers and slides in quick, surprising, and consistently interesting ways. It’s clearly the work of a rising star: she was born in Shanghai, studied Chinese classical, Chinese ethnic, and eventually modern contemporary dance there, then moved to New York, where she leads her own highly regarded contemporary company."

Commission for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago 2

Chicago Tribune: "Opening the program, in a rare appearance with the main company, Hubbard Street 2 is terrific in Yin Yue's world premiere quintet, "A Glimpse Inside a Shared Story." The energy, speed and boldness of youth inform her quicksilver choreography and the sometimes head-spinning dancing. "

Commission for New Dialect

Nashville Scene: "combines athletic physicality with sensitive gestures"

Commission for BalletX

The Dance Journal: "They never stopped moving, spinning instead from one lift into another, and the ferocious male trio that followed hinted at Yue’s true potential."

Commission for George Mason University

Broadway World: “Featuring the signature stylings of choreographer Yin Yue, dancers pulse, drop, and flow their way to a brilliant execution of Ms. Yue's pioneered FolkContemporary style.”

Commission for Limon Dance Company

Dance-enthusiast: "No Room for Wandering features intricate combinations that display Yue’s mastery of space."

Commission for Bruce Wood Dance

Theater Jones:  "Yin's begin again not only is this one of the best choreographic works of the year, but the New York-based choreographer managed to pull an exciting quality not typically seen from the well-trained BWD cast. Unexpected and absolutely stunning, its premiere at their June show is a highlight for the company."

D Magazine: "The ambiguities are powerful, the piece riveting."

Commission for Boston Dance Theater

Boston Globe: "Shanghai native Yin Yue’s “Today for Now,” making its US premiere, was fueled by the deep dark blues of Janis Joplin. Dancers roiled with fluid phrases, pushing and pulling, supporting, carrying, curling under and over, coiled limbs and supple spines threatening to turn bodies inside out. Sharp gestures implied a barely contained fury. It was captivating to watch."

Commission for Whim W'him

Seattle Times: “The Most Elusive Hold” is a successfully challenging piece.

Seattle Gay News: "The work is clean, geometric, exciting, and complex."

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