FoCo Technique ™ and Choreography Workshop

10:30 am

FEB 24th 10:30am – 2:30pm

Join artistic director Yue Yin for a 4-hour workshop on Sunday Feb 24th from 10:30am to 2:30pm at New York Center For Creativity and Dance studio 5 in New York.

The workshop will begin with a 90 min follow along FoCo Technique™ training. Designed for pre-professional and professional dancers, the class requires a sophisticated understanding of dance technique as well as well developed physical and mental stamina. The technique will engage a three-stage structure: Activating – establishing the connections between mind and body, Rooting – finding footing and building grounded awareness and Mapping – recognizing the transitions and pathways of movement. Yin will lead the participants through each segment, with an eye towards achieving precision and control, identifying and embodying rhythm and dynamic change in movement, forming strong interactions and connection with the force of gravity. Following the technique training, the participants will have the opportunity to be part of the creative process: a new phrase work will be created, taught and explored in depth and participants will have time to learn, process and perform in smaller groups.

The fee for the workshop is $60 USD

Please email if you have questions. The next workshop will be on March 23rd.


Photo Credit: Michael Waldrop
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