Weekly FoCo Technique™ Class at 92NY

5:00 pm

We are excited to announce the weekly FoCo Technique™ class to be hosted at 92NY at 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Spring Semester starting date: Jan 31

Class time: 5pm

Class Title: FoCo Technique™

Description: FoCo Technique™ is an original contemporary dance technique developed by Yue Yin, fuses elements of Chinese classical dance, folk forms, ballet vocabulary and contemporary movement.

Designed for pre-professional and professional dancers, the class requires a sophisticated understanding of dance technique as well as well developed physical and mental stamina. Each class is 90 min in length and conducted in a follow-long method following three-stage structure: Activating – establishing the connections between mind and body, Rooting – finding footing and building grounded awareness and Mapping – recognizing the transitions and pathways of movement.

The FoCo instructor leads students through each class segment, with an eye towards achieving precision and control, identifying and embodying rhythm and dynamic change in movement, forming strong interactions and connection with the force of gravity. Movement research will follow the final stage – Mapping – in each FoCo Technique class.

Please follow YYDC on instagram @yydcinc to be updated on the instructor of the class.

FoCo Technique™ currently has three authorized teachers, Yue Yin (creator), Grace Whitworth and Nat Wilson

Photo Credit: Sarah Jeffers
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